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Kingsley Docks poster

The Docks of Kingskey Lake poster is available in two sizes: 24 x 30 and 13 x 19. The individual dock photos were made in the year 2000, so it's a “window into the past” that includes the docks at Strickland’s Landing and Kingsley Beach, plus all the individual docks of that period at Kingsley—in numerical order.

Extra copies of these do not exist, so each poster is individually printed after an order has been received. Finished posters can usually be mailed within ten days of receiving the order, and the mailing fee covers packing, postage and insurance.

Two sizes. This poster was designed to be 24x30 inches, based on a minimum size for each individual dock image. 24x30 may sound large compard to an 8x10, but I print enough 40x60 inch prints that 24x30 seems ‘very’ medium to me. It contains 170 individual dock photos, which are very clear and detailed in this original size. A smaller 13x19 size is available as a more reasonable and affordable option, but has considerably less impact. We have the 24x30 in a narrow hallway, and it looks great.

Image quality. Both sizes are printed on high quality archival matte paper with permanent pigment inks, using a 44" professional large format printer.

Pricing. The large ones are $200 plus $10 for shipping — the small ones $60 + $6 shipping.
No sales tax except in Tennessee. Orders for two posters pay just one shipping fee.

Please make checks (no credit cards, sorry) payable to: Clark Thomas.
And mail to this address: 235 Lauderdale Road, Nashville TN 37205

If there is sufficient interest this poster could be printed commercially “in quantity” which could allow it to be offered at lower cost, but there are no plans for that at this time. And the hand processed posters are printed on much nicer, heavy matte paper, have richer color and better detail, than what we would see from a printing press. To date, I have sold about 25 of the large posters, and 8 of the small, and I contributed several to klpoa sustaining members when I served on their board. -Clark (email:

Kingsley Docks

Clark Thomas, 615-269-7700