holding  her  presence  close

and her enduring spirit
Ruby Alice Blackman
20 July 1998 - 3 October 2014
16 years old

I was Ruby's French teacher during her brief time at Hillsboro. Some of her Hillsboro friends, as well as a friend from USN who I have in class now, remembered her this morning. Despite the years it has been since I taught Ruby, she remains a bright and unforgettable light in my memory. Today, as with every day, our thoughts and prayers are with Ruby, her family, and her friends.
—Emily Minelli, October 2015

Ruby Blackman

Tree Ceremony at USN


This site for Ruby is growing and spreading to multiple pages, all linked at the top. If you knew Ruby, please contribute favorite stories & photos to honor her and to help us celebrate Ruby and our memories of her gifts.

Ruby Blackman

At the farm. One of her favorite places.

by Jay Thomas, 4/2013

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