clark thomas, nashville

October 15, 2001

A few snapshots as we started to set up the exhibit... -C.
The lighting will be more dramatic in the big gallery, and there will be a number of Wickham
statues distributed through the galleries. I'll have 25 framed prints, plus four panoramas.

October 18th Opening - HERE...!

the BIG gallery

view back into the first gallery

these prints look tiny, but the larger one is 50x50... smaller ones are 36x36.

most of these photos were made before we decided which prints would go on which walls

the worst wall... (light switches and emergency lights)

one of Wickham's statues, with two of the panoramas

model of Wickham site - pretty fun!

site model

site model

site model

model of Wickham site — if you can't tell — I really like this model...!

site model

Tecumseh's head